Secure Virtual Data Rooms for Small Businesses

Internet opens up a lot of opportunities for business, but also brings a lot of problems. Companies need to be serious about protecting their online workspaces, as cyber attacks and data breaches are an integral part of the global network. Small businesses, oddly enough, are most often targeted by cybercriminals, which is why small business owners should be especially on the lookout. Virtual data rooms offer the best solution for securely storing and sharing sensitive documents, as well as providing tools to make collaboration and transactions more efficient.

What is a virtual data room?

A virtual data room is a cloud-based online space that acts as a repository for sensitive business data. However, that’s not all of its capabilities, as it is a unique and feature-rich solution that also offers features for easy document management and organization, efficient collaboration, communication, and complex transaction conclusion. All of this is possible in the VDR space for one reason: its high-end security. VDRs are certified solutions that offer multiple layers of security, so business owners can easily manage and control the integrity of their online data.

The main security features of VDRs

As mentioned earlier, data rooms have multiple layers of protection, comparable to that of banks. They provide physical and virtual security, as well as protection for the documents themselves:

  • Permanent Backup – Restore your data to the last saved version. Your data remains intact no matter what
  • Multi-level data encryption -encrypts data both during transmission and at rest
  • Multiple server locations – VDR processing centers are in multiple locations, ensuring your data is protected from any disasters
  • Single login – use one strong password to log into VDRs, and then switch between projects without re-entering data
  • Two-factor authentication – in addition to a password, users must also enter a one-time code to confirm their identity
  • Accountability – the program provides an automatic report of all user activity within the space for a period of time
  • Detailed access permissions – administrators can deny copying, printing, editing, downloading and forwarding of the document, depending on the role of the user
  • Dynamic watermarking – tracks data leaks and stores information on users who have visited the document and their actions within it
  • Remote wipe -allows you to erase any VDR-related data from someone else’s device remotely

Best VDR providers for small businesses

The VDR market is overflowing with different offerings for different industries and business sizes. The best virtual data rooms for small businesses for 2022 are:

      • iDeals

iDeals is a versatile virtual data room platform that fits all business sizes. The provider offers flexible pricing models, and you can choose only the features you’re sure to use. iDeals offers robust security features, and easy-to-use data management and effective communication solutions.

      • VaultRooms

VaultRooms is a simple and effective data room tool. It provides customers with all the security measures they need for smooth due diligence and M&A. In the space, executives can also assign tasks to their team and set up automatic deadline reminders. Of security, VaultRooms offers 2048-bit encryption, two-step verification, granular permissions and more.

      • Brainloop

You can count on Brainloop to help you every step of the way in closing a deal. Brainloop does not focus on a single industry, it offers a wide range of tools to fit various purposes, but whatever your projects, you can be sure that the provider offers a simple and reliable working environment.