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Avast Review

The Internet is full of threats. Hackers look to either steal your data or corrupt it. To keep protected in the computer technology world, you need a reliable antivirus which will secure your personal data and keeps virus, malware away from you.

Avast is a leading brand name in the market of security software. It provides many excellent features that will necessarily protect your personal information. We are writing about Avast features under the title of Avast Review 2019. Make sure you read it completely to know what Avast can do and what can not.

Next Level Computer Protection

You can simply scan your system any time to find if any file is infected by a virus or malware. Avast also allows you to set up a date when your system will be automatically scanned. Further, it will inform immediately if a new file which your or adding to your system is infected by a virus or malware. Free software has some limitations while paid one can be used freely.

Online Security

Avast online security feature comes up with both free and paid software. While browsing, whenever, you will try to land on such a page which is dangerous than Avast antivirus will automatically block that site and show a message of threat.

It features really increase your protection in the global village.

Wi-Fi Protection

Whenever you will connect your device will a new Wi-Fi either in a public place or office. Then very first action will be the scanning of that WiFi. Avast will check that WiFi and then let you allow to use it only if it is safe.

Defend Against Ransomware

Ransomware is a method in which hackers attacking existing files and lock that files. You can not open that files unless you will not pay them. Unfortunately, this attacking is growing now.

But Avast users no need to worry. This will protect your devices and your files/documents and personal data will keep safe.

Will Avast Slow Down Your Device?

Personally, I am using Avast since 2017 but their updated version of 2019 is great. Although recent software did not slow down my PC as compared to recent versions new one is great.

Avast antivirus keeps active in the background, keeps detecting files while online browsing and observes the new files that you are downloading. It works silently and does not slow down your devices either PC, laptop or mobiles.

Stay One Step Ahead from Hackers

Avast keeps you one step ahead. Whenever you will open a program which is infected or dangerous, it will inform you by showing suspicious activity message. Then you can leave that program/file to stay secure.

Supported Devices

Avast supports all the popular devices which include Linux, Mac, Windows, Android phones and many others.


Avast not only focus on protection by virus and malware but it also makes sure that your device is running properly. With a paid version, you can clear junk and many other files which are responsible to slow down your device.

Avast Prices

As compared to other antivirus, Avast price is higher. Their lowest plan cost is $40 for one device. Like McAfee, it does not offer unlimited devices within one plan.

According to the above review, Avast price is higher than others antivirus in the market but its feature compel users to use it. This is the reason it is the favorite antivirus of me and many others like me who really take security as a serious matter.