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Avast vs. Norton

Who is Winner as Security Provider (Analysis 2019)

I love to share my happenings and experience. Including little more words, I have thought to help others like you who seek for information. In this article Avast vs. Norton comparison, I want to help my readers by giving an honest review of these two antiviruses. This guide includes my personal experience as well as reviews several users which I gathered by researches to provide a masterpiece and next level in-depth comparison.

I shall start the discussion by highlighting the importance of security. In your routine life, you always keep your important documents, personal and business data in a locked place which is only accessible by you. Similarly, in the digital world, you have to apply walls and locks around your devices for security.

Luckily we have antiviruses which work like guards and protect data from hackers attacks. Here I am highlighting two antiviruses named as Avast and Norton.

Let’s start the comparison tour.

Norton Antivirus Overview

Norton Antivirus is being offered by security giant Symantec which is working since 1982. This is an American based company and they are offering digital security products for individuals, small and medium business owners.

Avast Overview

Avast antivirus is being offered by multinational cybersecurity software which is serving since 1988. This company has more than 4 billion users. Their headquarters is located in Prague, Czech Republic and 25 offices around the globe. Avast is providing different digital security products. According to the needs of users, they offer free as well as paid products including antivirus for popular device types.

Avast vs. Norton: Features

Norton offers different software packages at various prices ranging from home to business use.

Norton Antivirus Features Include:

It can protect your devices against Phishing, Ransomware and malware attacks.

  • Norton Security Standard: This package plan provides safeguard, real-time protection, protects against malware, phishing, virus, ransomware, and other common threats while browsing. Additionally, it also helps to protect your financial info.
  • Norton Security Deluxe: This plan has all the features like a standard plan. Additionally, Parental control, and protect all your devices under one account.
  • Norton Security Premium: All the features of the Deluxe plan while additional features are important data backup and Premium online family security.

Avast Antivirus Features Include:

Avast is not just an antivirus. It offers VPN, driver updater, System cleaner, password manager, safe browser and much more. The free version has many limitations however paid versions can fulfill your requirements.

  • Avast Free Antivirus: It offers premium looking features for free which include safe browser, system protection, real-time protection, password manager, network scanner and many other advanced level features for free. In short, it also protects when you are browsing online and protects from major and minor threats.
  • Avast Premier: This paid version includes automatic software updates which are a manual method in free mode and webcam spying protection. It also allows for deleting sensitive data permanently.
  • Avast Ultimate: Extra features included like advance cleaning and secure VPN while remaining features are those who are mentioned in an earlier point.

Avast vs. Norton: Performance Comparison

Does any of them slow down your system/device? Norton gives better results than the other antiviruses in the case of performance. Although, its scan process is slow it does not slow down your device.

Avast results are not bad but similar to Norton. It scanning is quick but as an Avast user, I can explain that it sometimes reduces the performance. Generally, I have never faced a performance issue at all.

Avast vs. Norton: Support

Avast offers a web page where users can find a solution to a particular problem. 24/7 support is limited to those users who purchased the most expensive package.

Norton offer FAQ, community forum, knowledge base, and 24/7 live support.

Final Words

We reviewed that both antiviruses offer great services which do not differ a lot. According to my recommendations, if you are looking for free antivirus than Avast will be a great choice. Anyhow, if you need next level security then Norton paid version is recommended. It is within your budget and offers amazing security features.

We recommend Avast paid version for business uses because no one is on his level in case of additional feature. That all we tested and review. Now it is your responsibility to share your thoughts via comments. It will help us in further updates.