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Business VoIP

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A VoIP phone system is a necessary communication technology for a stable business, which makes it possible to promote your own product effectively. IP-telephony and, more specifically, VoIP telephony is an excellent modern tool to reduce corporate communication costs. At the same time, it can function as an underlying installation platform for systems whose task is to provide international, long-distance, and interoffice connections.

Sometimes conversations between offices and regional branches of a company constitute the most significant budget share. New technologies have expanded the functionality of such systems. Also, IP systems have a high level of flexibility and openness.

They can be used as a single platform for implementing a wide variety of communication solutions, including voice, video, and data transfer in a different format. Moreover, the connection can be carried out both wired and wireless.

VoIP providers


1-voip review

2005 is considered the year of the foundation of a 1-VoIP company. It is one of the leading voice over Internet protocol services with headquarters in Edmond, Oklahoma. Having over 40 years of telecom industry experience, the company can offer a wide selection of residential and business plans, including SIP trunking services for business owners.

VoIP plans may vary in price depend to a large extent on users, tools, number of minutes, and business features. 1-VoIP introduces multiple calling plans with flexible monthly payments and a range of alternatives to meet the needs of the broad spectrum of customers. Business extensions pricing is the following: 

  • Metered ($14.97 a month, per extension). No commitment is necessary. In addition to the regular monthly rate, you pay 2 cents/min for your calls. All business features are available. 
  • Corporate ($19.97 monthly, per extension). No commitment is necessary. Unlimited minutes. Top-rated customer service.
  • Professional ($29.97 per month, per extension). No cancellation fee. VoIP phone rental with a phone number included.

All offered options are month-to-month billed, with no contract and cancellation fee. The opportunity to test the plan and cancel with no long-term commitment is an excellent benefit of the company.  In addition to the already mentioned business plans, the company delivers the top-notch Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking service for $25 per month, which includes not limited incoming calls and 2 thousand minutes for outgoing calls within the US and Canada. Moreover, if you are interested in getting the US and Canada or toll-free number, they will cost you $4.95 and $5.95 per month, respectively.


nextiva review

Since 2008 when it was founded this Arizona, US-based VoIP company is the best solution for businesses having multiple locations. The feature of forwarding calls from office phones to mobile devices or phones in one of your other locations is essential for business development.

This way, employees working in various offices or stores will get a better and more reliable connection, which positively affects the ability to make quick and correct actions.  Being a cloud-based VoIP service provider, Nextiva offers an opportunity to use separate platforms in offices located in different places with the ability to manage everything from the central one. There are three primary communication plans offered by this business phone service provider:

  • Basic ($30 per month per one user for 10 lines). Unlimited calls and Internet faxing. Free toll-free and local phone numbers, as well as the opportunity to keep the existing one. A set of data reporting tools to analyze the efficiency of your business.
  • Pro ($35 a month per user). In addition to basic features, the user gets advanced calling services, including instant messaging, unlimited conference calls, SMS, and multi-site support. Mobile and desktop app. 
  • Enterprise ($45 month/user). The full package of Pro service plus Live Chat on your website option, customer survey templates, creation, and analytics. Advanced business data collecting, survey, live chat and analytics.

All communicative plans include professional 24/7 customer support and reliable technical assistance. As a cloud-hosted provider, Nextiva guarantees the extreme reliability of the phone system having fully redundant and secure data rooms worldwide and doesn’t require a contract for using its services.


voyage voip review

Established in 2001, Vonage has its central office in Holmdel, New Jersey, with regional sections all over the US, Asia, and Europe. With the top-notch customer service and numerous high-quality digital voice over Internet protocol solutions offered for small, mid-sized businesses and enterprises, it can rightly be called one of the market leaders.  The plans for small and mid-sized business can be divided into three categories:

  • Mobile (the price ranges from $19.99 monthly per line for 1-4 lines to $14.99 for 20-99 lines). Secure communication through mobile devices and desktop. A proper solution for the teams who don’t use desk phones. The most popular 10 lines plan will cost $179.9 monthly.
  • Premium (the cost varies from $29.99 per month per line to $24.99 per line for 20-99 lines). Communication solution for any device, including desk phones. Best suitable for traditional offices and stores. The most ordered ten lines option would cost a customer $279.9 a month.
  • Advanced (the price starts from $39.99 month/line for 1-4 lines and change to $34.99 for 20-99 lines packet). The service includes the most popular add-ons to enhance business communication. The 10 lines system will be worth $379.9 monthly. 

All service plans include tools for securing your privacy (Call screening, spam shield, etc.), giving better customer service (call logs, queue, waiting, call recording, and similar), personalizing the business (toll-free numbers, voice mail, call blocking). Some of them require additional payment. The businesses requesting over 100 lines or interested in Vonage Enterprise solutions should contact the company’s customer support directly because the prices for these products are customized.



Ringcentral cloud-hosted digital business phone systems provider was started in 1999 headquarters in Belmont, CA. This credible VoIP phone provider offers almost all calling, conference, and mobile features an any-sized business would require from an Internet phone solution. Flexible pricing is the main advantage of a cloud-based solution.

This means that customer pays for features and tools he needs and uses. Nevertheless, they are always available in the event they are required – conference and web calling, call forwarding, instant messaging, and many other features that both small and large businesses would find beneficial. Different communication plans can vary in price and features, allowing the customer to choose the best suitable for his needs and demands. The RingCentral Office plans for a 10 line system are:

  • Essentials ($299.9 monthly or $199.9 per month billed annually). Unlimited calls for the US and Canada. A local or toll-free number with a hundred of toll-free minutes per month.
  • Standard ($349.9 billing monthly or $249.9 per month billed annually). Unlimited calls, audio meetings, video conferencing for up to 4 people, and Internet fax. One thousand minutes for a toll-free number a month. 
  • Premium ($449.9 monthly payment or $349.9 per month billed once a year). All features of Standard plan plus 2,500 toll-free minutes, unlimited video conference for up to 100 participants, call recording.
  • Ultimate ($499.9 monthly payment or $549.9 per month billed once a year). Similar to Premium but with 10,000 toll-free minutes and up to 200 people per audio and video meeting.

The additional toll-free, local, international, international toll-free numbers are available for an extra charge. Moreover, RingCentral handles all maintenance and upgrades of the system. The new customers can enjoy free trial subscriptions offering 50 min of domestic calls for up to 5 users and 2 desktop phones


8x8 voip review

High quality, a wide range of best video conference services, and affordability are the main factors making 8×8, California based VoIP provider an excellent service for small businesses. The company, founded in 1987, is a cloud hosted business Internet phone system allowing its customers to enjoy all the benefits and advantages of reliable and easy to use digital cloud-based solutions.

You have nothing to install and don’t need to hire a tech team for maintenance and upgrade because of the company take care of it. The unified system of communication offered by this voice over Internet provider fits perfectly to all small-scale entrepreneurs and small businesses. 8×8 suggests four service plans covering the needs of small businesses that vary in price and number of features. Below are shown the popular ten lines plans:

  • 8×8 Express ($120 monthly). This plan allows a 30-day trial for new users and includes unlimited domestic calls, auto-attendant, call handling, desktop, and mobile apps. 
  • X Series X2 ($250 monthly). Unlimited international calls to 14 countries, voice mail, call recording, team messaging, business SMS, G Suite, and Office 365 integration. 
  • X Series X4 ($450 per month). Unlimited calls to 47 countries and Internet fax, operator switchboard, cross-platform team messaging, voicemail transcription.
  • X Series X6 ($1,100 a month). It contains features of all previous plans plus call quality and analytics reporting, interactive voice response, post-call survey, web callback, and many others.

Moreover, each service plan contains HD audio and video conferencing for up to 100 people at one time with screen sharing. The customer service of the company always responds quickly able to resolve any matter. It is available via online chat, email, and phone. 


jive voip review

Jive is a modern VoIP communication system that is able to bring more powerful communication tools for businesses of all scales. Founded in 2006 in Utah, the USA, the company developed to renowned and respected cloud-hosted phone provider due to its innovative technologies, affordable pricing, and premium 24/7 customer service.

Advanced features inherent to unified communications systems accessible to large enterprises yesterday are nowadays available to small-scale businesses to benefit from.  As compared with other phone providers’ plans based on the quantity of the built-in features, Jive service plans’ distinctive feature is offering access to all the features and tools in each of them.

The price setting varies on the number of users. The more employees you have, the per-person cost is lower.  The company offers 5 tiers with pricing ranging from $19.95 to $29.95 per user (line) per month. The pricing tiers are as noted below: 

  • 1-4 lines $29.95 per line, a month
  • 5-9 lines $25.95 per line, per month
  • 10-24 lines $23.95 per line, a month
  • 25-49 lines $21.95 per line, a month
  • 50-99 line $19.95 per line per month

If you have over 100 employees, the custom pricing is available.  The conference calling service is a built-in feature of the system. With the help of additional conference bridge service (delivered for free), each user can have a conference call with up to ten people. Customer support is fast and professional. It can be reached by phone, email, or online. Also, many useful information and guidelines can be found on the company’s web site.


dialpad voip review

Dialpad is San Francisco originated company founded in 2011, which delivers complete business Internet phone solutions created specifically for desktop and mobile apps connection and interaction. The system is designed to provide full access to all the functions of a traditional phone system straight from user computers and mobile devices, though it can work with a desk phone if it is necessary.

The company also offers desktop and mobile apps perfectly working together and giving users full access to all features and services of the system. Video conferencing, unlimited calling, and instant messaging are the features that assist small-scale entrepreneurs and businesses in interacting with their clients as best as possible. 

Dialpad offers 3 phone service plans with different prices and features included. All plans include toll-free and local numbers, call forwarding and waiting options, unlimited SMS and MMS within the US and Canada, HD video calls, features of full call control, unlimited faxing, international service in over 50 countries. The plans are:

  • Standard ($20 per month per user). Integration with Dialpad Everywhere, GSuite, and Office 365, call routing features (operator routing, automated system greeting), unlimited conferencing for up to 10 persons, call history, real-time analytics.
  • Pro ($30 per month per person).  Automatic transcript logging (Zendesk, Salesforce, ServiceNow), automatic recording, Salesforce Sales/Service Cloud, Slack, Okta integration in addition to all the features of Standard plan.
  • Enterprise. The features and price for this plan are available upon contacting the company’s customer service with the appropriate request.

All plans available for free during the 14-days trial period.

PanTerra Networks

panterra voip review

Founded in 2001, California originated PanTerra Networks is a leader in the cloud-hosted VoIP service market. It is a service provider that delivers cloud-based, entirely managed IT solutions to increase cooperation, mobility, and productivity for businesses of various levels. PanTerra Networks offers excellent services and instruments to meet customer’s communication desires and specific business needs.

PanTerra’s exceptional product, Streams, is a unified communications (UC) All-in-One cloud solution.  It provides calling, conferencing, texting, Web meeting, faxing, and analytics, which is ideal for businesses striving to unify all possible communication lines under one solution. In addition to money and time-saving benefits from using UC solutions, Streams features full mobile support, full-value call center, Smartbox, and a bunch of other options to bring a connection to a qualitatively new level of operation.

Also, real-time analytics and monitoring systems can inform the customer via SMS, email notifications, or instant messenger about all events and alerts in the system. PanTerra Networks offers 4 service plans with different features and pricing:

  • Business basic (starting at $19.95 monthly). This plan includes unlimited outgoing calls, 2 Gb storage for SmartBox, iOS and Android Mobile App, and call recording.
  • Business plus (starting at $24.95 monthly). On top of Business basic features, the customer can get 4-levels auto-attendant, audio and video streams, ScreenShare, and unlimited conferencing.
  • Professional (starting at $34.95 per month). Unlimited SMS/MMS, unlimited SmartBox storage, unlimited auto-attendants, CRM integration, and unified live monitor.
  • Call Center (starting at $64.95 a month). Service plans, including all the features of three previous plus unlimited call queues, AppDesigner, detailed reporting, and lifetime analytics toolset.

Each Stream version is available for free trial use allowing the customer to see all its benefits and advantages. The customer service can be reached by filling in the online form, by email and phone.


voiply review

VoIPLy offers easy-to-use and fully managed phone solutions to help businesses develop and provide better service for their customers. Their unified communications system is cloud-based and reliable, including over 50 robust phone features. They allow clients to expand the limits of their business, adding mobility and collaboration. The company was founded in 2012 in Pittsburgh, PA, and now serves the needs of over 5,000 companies. Among features provided by VoIPLy are:

  • toll-free and land phone numbers
  • call center queue and missed call notification
  • recording, screening, and call detail records
  • e-mail to fax
  • video conferencing and online meetings

Striving to make its services affordable for businesses, VoIPLy doesn’t require signing expensive contracts from their customers, offering convenient monthly billing with no cancellation fees instead.  At the present moment, only the Business Pro plan is available at $15 per month. It offers unlimited calls within the US, auto-attendants, voicemail to email, and many other features.

To meet the specific demands of any business, the company offers a custom option for making your own phone network. The client can enter various parameters of the preferred phone system best meeting the demands of his business to customize and proceed with the order. This option is extremely convenient for those customers who know exactly what they need and ready to pay for. 

The highly skilled support team can quickly resolve any issues, answer any customer’s questions and inquiries, providing the necessary information, and piece of advice.  It can be connected via email or live chat online. The phone option is also available.


onsip voip review

Specializing in business phone service OnSIP voice over Internet protocol provider was founded in 2005 in NYC with only five employees and firm confidence that IP technologies hold the future of business communications. Now this company is one of the market leaders with over 15,000 business customers of all ranks.

OnSIP offers an adjustable and multipurpose cloud-based IP phone system that can be easily configured and used. No equipment to install required and the system lets the user select the type of service that best suits his business needs.

Services are divided by payment options: unlimited or pay as you go, making it possible to pay for only features the customer really needs. Moreover, the VoIP provider offers a wide choice of useful features and easily integrates with a number of software many customers already use.  At this point in time, two key paid options are available:

  • Basic ($49.95 per month per account/user + 2.9¢ per min of incoming and outgoing calls). This plan is limited with 3 auto-attendants, 1 announcement, 1 call recording user, 3 ring groups, 5 voicemail to email, basic music on hold.
  • Unlimited ($18.95 monthly per person). The unlimited number of national calls, auto-attendants, call parking lots, ring groups, dial by name directory, enhanced music on hold.

Each plan allows enabling additional features ranging from the inbound bridge for $1.95 and on net conference suite ($50.00 for 10) to queues and reporting dashboards for $14.95 per seat. OnSIP’s customer service can be contacted via email, online chat, and phone. 

Clarity Tel

claritel review

This Georgia based IT company entered the market in 2003 and is growing industry-leading VoIP phone service provider nowadays. This company is a good option for small scale businesses because it serves their needs the best way by offering high-quality phone solutions at a low rate. Another key comparative advantage is delivering excellent PBX service, which makes it possible to create their own phone network for the customers.

One of the benefits of such a system is using different communication channels within the company for workers and clients. ClarityTel services are available on a month-to-month billing base with no obligations. The cancellation fee or penalties are also absent.

Such a pricing policy makes favorable conditions for small business customers seeking reliable and affordable VoIP solutions. The represented service plans are:

  • Up to 9 lines $24.99 monthly per line.
  • 10-24 lines $21.99 a month per line.
  • 25-50 lines $19.99 per month/line.
  • SIP Trunks (minimum 4 Trunks) $19.99 per month per trunk.

Additional ClarityTel Voice Solutions features are local number plus local portability, the unlimited number of calls, webphone, softphone, one unified voicemail box, conference calling, call waiting, and recording. All calls are made through dependable and secure networks to ensure quality and safety.

Being over 16 years on the market and serving thousands of businesses, the company guarantees full reliability of the system with 99.99% uptime. Dedicated professionals of the support team can quickly resolve any quotes, questions, and issues. They can be contacted 24/7 either by phone or email.


mightycall voip review

MightyCall is a Palo Alto, California-based virtual telephone company. It started its journey in 1999, bringing customers the communication technologies which were very new for them. Now it is a cloud-hosted service providing a virtual phone system for small companies and entrepreneurs. 

Call recording, holding, and answering options, along with numerous other valuable features, give businesses better communication with clients. Moreover, it separates private and commercial lines, which is especially necessary for self-employed entrepreneurs working from home or those who don’t spend too much time in the office. The company offers 3 service plans suitable for business of any scale:

  • Basic ($19.99 monthly). Two toll-free or local numbers with 1,000 minutes, unlimited users, contact book for ten customers.
  • Standard ($39.99 per month). Five toll-free or local numbers with unlimited minutes per month, unlimited users and customers in the contact book, call recording, voice to text, deskphones, and softphones.
  • Ultimate ($99.99 a month). Ten toll-free or local numbers, unlimited minutes, unlimited users and contact book customers, call recording, presence indicator, and API. Voice Studio Recording included for free.

Each plan also includes such additional features as unlimited extensions and text messaging, conference calls, call routing, queues and transfer, social media integration, performance report. The customer can change the service plan or sign off anytime with no penalties or cancellation fees.

Also, the 7-days trial period is available. The company’s website contains lots of useful information and how-to articles for VoIP users. The support service can be reached either on the phone or by submitting a ticket on the web page. The fast and quality solution to any problem is guaranteed.

What is Business VoIP?

No matter the development phase your business is in, whether it’s a startup or a company that is already growing and expanding, you will always strive for further development, higher efficiency, and independence.

However, these goals are challenging to achieve without a well-thought-out business plan, which will reflect all the critical success factors: right working conditions, production, and customer-oriented processes, as well as a communication strategy.

Thus, the vital role of communication systems in ensuring effective communication both within the company and beyond shouldn’t be overlooked. An outdated phone system is a serious obstacle to business growth because it practically does not scale, poorly integrates with other platforms, and is too expensive to maintain.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or IP-telephony is voice communication over the Internet (in contrast to traditional telephone communication performing via telephone lines or a mobile GSM/3G network). One of the essential advantages of today’s IP-telephony, attracting numerous customers, is affordable or free long-distance and international calls. 

At the most basic level, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the process of converting analog audio into digital packets that can be delivered over the Internet. In plain language, VoIP allows you to make a phone call in much the same way you send an email. Like most other Internet technologies, VoIP has a clear advantage of the ability to use it on multiple devices, having an adequate Internet connection.

This means that VoIP phone services can be received from your computer, on a mobile device, or from a desk phone (terminal). At a more technical level, VoIP is a way to make calls over your local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). VoIP technology turns your analog voice into digital packets, which are sent over the IP network to your final destination.

On-premise vs. cloud-hosted solutions The VoIP telephone system uses your local area network (LAN) as the foundation of your system. When you connect your VoIP devices and your VoIP service provider to a VoIP PBX, you are likely to use HD-IP phone devices for communication. The VoIP telephone system uses IP technology to handle call management and manage your WAN connections.

Although a VoIP phone uses VoIP and is connected to your local network, most systems can directly connect to a public switched telephone network (PSTN). This provides you the ability to use both VoIP and PSTN for your call. Two main options VoIP phone systems exist:

  • On-premise
  • Cloud-hosted service

Mostly, VoIP telephony systems are what you can imagine when you think of a traditional business telephony system. These include hardware and software IP phones, as well as any other necessary equipment to connect to your VoIP network (gateways, etc.). IP PBXs can save companies money, time, and IT resources, and they also have the added benefit of increased flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. These are the benefits of all IP PBXs, regardless of deployment type.

Permanent solutions (on-premise)are great for enterprises that expect their communication needs will remain relatively stable in the foreseeable future and are willing to make upfront investments that will save money and improve business communication. The VoIP hosting systems are often called cloud or cloud-based phone systems because they operate in the cloud.

Cloud is a terminology that has been used very often these days. Commonly, cloud means a server or a network of servers that store information or provide data. For example, a traditional phone system will require you to store all of your communications equipment in a closet somewhere in your building or office.

A cloud-hosted phone system does not require physical equipment at your location. The entire phone system “lives” (or is located) on a server somewhere else on the site or the data center, so you do not need to purchase, install and maintain expensive phone line equipment. Cloud-based systems also give you the opportunity to access your phone system on virtually any device that has Internet access, which is a considerable advantage for more mobile or remote operations.

How to Choose the Best Business VoIP Provider

Requirements for the quality of communication in business are much higher than in everyday life. A lost connection is a lost customer. Noise, lags, and cut-offs are unacceptable for business, so it is so difficult and so important to select the best business VoIP provider. When using telephone contact automation tools, the quality of communication begins to play a decisive role: speech recognition is very demanding on the quality of the audio stream.

The communication quality directly depends on your IP provider. Specifically, it also depends on the Internet provider and the speed of the Internet channel. But precisely, the VoIP provider is responsible for transmitting voice from one user to another. It is essential to get a clear signal without interference, malfunction, or ambient noise in the handset.

Good web proxies and other equipment are obligatory to succeed. Now we move on to the selection process. Make a list of providers in the market First of all, decide whether your business needs on-premise or cloud-based phone service. This will help to narrow your search among the companies offering service plans you need.

Do not forget to ask for recommendations from colleagues or partners already using VoIP service, examine the search results, and independent ratings. You can immediately cut off those providers who do not offer services or features (toll-free numbers, local numbers, call recording, etc.) you require. Estimate the budget and needs Try to answer the following questions:

  • How much do you assume to spend per month (what is the affordable budget for your company to spend on communication)?
  • Where will you call most often?
  • How many lines do you need (how many employees will use the virtual PBX)?
  • How many offices do you have and where are they located?
  • Do you need additional services and options?

If you don’t have an intensive calling or the budget is limited, choose those who offer inexpensive rates with basic options. For example, Nextiva’s Basic plan for $20/mo/user allows unlimited calls and faxing with toll-free and local phone numbers.

If you have worldwide offices and customers, and plan to connect more numbers and lines, choose large-scale VoIP providers whose services may be more expensive, but they offer more options and opportunities. Then study the price list for international calls, especially for the locations you need to call most frequently. Multiply by the average number of calls per month, add to the subscription and connection fees, and compare the amounts for each operator.

Compare services from different companies Decide how many employees will use the phone service, i.e., how many lines you need. See how the price will change with the minimum and maximum quantities, for example, for 5 or 15 lines. Perhaps in the future, you will need more, and it is better to estimate the costs immediately. The most requested additional features are:

  • 800, 888-833 numbers (toll-free numbers when you pay for the call, not the client)
  • Smart call-back for a call back from the site (the client orders a call, and the system automatically dials from a free manager)
  • Record and statistics of the conversations that are stored in the cloud archive

The more useful options and services the VoIP provider offers, the better.  Even if you have already found a provider but for any reason were not satisfied by something, feel free to change it to the one who is more convenient to work with and can provide the services of better quality.

Some Questions to Ask a Potential Business VoIP Provider

VoIP phone systems are suitable for business of any scale and orientation. Cost reduction, in general, is one of the main advantages of using VoIP technology compared to traditional phone lines. The business also requires the additional IP phone service functions like conference calls, voice mail, caller ID, an ability to send an email and/or voice mail to a mobile phone, or the features of custom call filtering and call forwarding.

The perfect VoIP provider for business combines the two most essential components: the price and quality, satisfying the maximum number of customer’s needs for a minimum fee. At the same time, we must not forget about technical relevance, especially speaking about the IT market and the products it provides.

Also, be confident to pay attention to the quality of communication with your chosen operator. An essential criterion is the security of communication channels and subscriber accounts from hacking, as well as protecting customers from the theft of passwords and fraud. Moreover, the process of finding the right VoIP provider for your enterprise necessarily includes direct communication with the customer service or support team of the chosen IT company.

So, here follows a couple of tips on how to determine whether this operator suitable for your needs or not. First, evaluate how they work with clients: ask questions via chat or phone, outline your needs and budgets, and see what they answer and how. If you were responded to immediately or within a few minutes, this means that the company will respond to your future requests at the same speed.

voip review

And if you had to wait a few days for the answer, it smells bad. It is safe to predict that all your problems that will arise in the process of using services from this company will be resolved just as quickly. Consider those companies that allow testing various options and services for free.

It makes it easier to understand what you really need and how difficult it is to figure out how the whole system works. It is clear that in addition to technical issues, there are other questions to the IP service provider. The most important of them are briefly mentioned below:

  • Competent technical support team. (Are your questions clear to them, and are you happy with their answers?)
  • The ability to receive detailed reports on completed calls. (Do you have plans with detailed analytics and reports? Where the call information is stored?)
  • The ability to manage the service through a personal account on the site (for cloud-hosted solutions). (Which tools I can use to manage my account?)
  • Month-to-month billing, absence of cancellation fees. (Should I sign an annual contract or you have monthly billing system?)
  • Free-trial period. (Do you have a free-trial period to test your network?)

In general, connecting to an IP telephone system is a wise choice for many companies, given the use of advanced technologies and reduced costs. Careful selection of the most suitable business VoIP provider is the best way for your business to grow, taking advantage of the modern type of communication.

Key Benefits of Using VoIP for Your Business Phone Service

The main benefit of VoIP for enterprises is the ability to build more efficient corporate communications systems with various voice services. The efficiency of such systems (compared to traditional ones) is quickly confirmed by the following benefits they offer:

  • Easier and cheaper system’s roll-out (because VoIP systems are built based on existing intranet networks or cloud solutions used)
  • Free internal voice communication within the company (even with a geographically remote business structure)
  • The ability to access all communication capabilities in office and while business trips (via the Internet)
  • The ability to integrate voice services in business applications and business processes
  • The advanced features for call recording, conferences, and statistics
  • Mobility and flexibility

Many VoIP services offer different software features, including mobile apps allowing customers to use their business phone lines from any mobile device. Thus, you are free to make and receive calls from anywhere. Another extremely attractive advantage of cloud-based VoIP telephone systems for small businesses and entrepreneurs is their flexibility and ability to expand or customize service plans for the needs of your company.

If your business is snowballing (or has the potential for rapid growth), or if your business is seasonal, it would be meaningless for you to buy a limited number of phone lines and phones.  With traditional business phone systems, growing or declining resources can become expensive.

But cloud-based VoIP systems are different.  Resulting using your Internet connection for VoIP system instead of physical telephone lines, resources can often be added or reduced easily, making transition periods easy for your business.