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Total AV Review

One of my favourite additions at TotalAV is VPN which provides anonymous viewing of websites and does not allow someone to take control of your personal data. The Safe Browsing tool ciphers all your data during a browsing and masks your IP address (the house address of your computer) for safe viewing in the Internet. Many anti-virus packets do not include VPN therefore I was glad to see what in TotalAV provides it and that is even more important – I found out that it perfectly works. I had no problems with search of the correct connection, and I could get access to all favourite content at once. Moreover, the Safe Browsing function is available on all devices supported by TotalAV: PC, Mac, IOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and also tablets and Android smartphones.

Optimize the PC 

It will help to make operation of your computer smoother and will make more space for storage of new files. Moreover, Total AV review will help to improve other settings on your devices to force them to work as it is possible better. Thanks to it time of start and a delay of a response will be reduced, and processor speed will increase. If you spend the most part of time in the browser, then TotalAV will clean it for you and to delete any undesirable applications, the toolbars and other extensions which you, perhaps, without having noticed installed.

PC optimization is a very important feature which allows you to count on a more stable performance and improve your user experience which is why this feature makes the Total AV an antivirus worth considering. 

Privacy and Security

To protect your confidentiality in network, TotalAV provides you four excellent tools for protection against unknown threats on the Internet. First, this convenient Adblocker extension which blocks the irritating advertising on the websites visited by you. In many cases advertisements contain the hidden files and references to malicious software which can infect your computer without your permission. Besides, if you pass to the page of the website in which safety you are not confident, Safe Site will protect you, having warned before in you come to this URL address.


Even with the best antivirus, the most reliable way to remain in safety during viewing the Internet, is the nobility what it is necessary to be afraid of. If you select Antivirus Pro or Ultimate Antivirus, you also receive electronic benefit about an antivirus in which you will be able to study in detail the best ways of the protection when viewing websites. It includes information on disturbing situations which are important for studying at the right time to be on the lookout at visit of the new website; about different types of behavior which can indicate danger and what to do when you find threats. If you the novice user of the PC or just want to improve the knowledge to save the safety, then this excellent advantage which is not provided by many competitors of TotalAV.